Installation instructions

  • Check that each panel is free of flaws before installation. An installed product indicates approval.
  • Open the packages in the space in which they are to be installed 3–4 days prior to installation, and allow the moisture levels to stabilise.
  • If necessary, install the studding strips, 600 mm (2 ft/24 in) apart for walls and 400 mm (15 in) for ceilings.
  • Centre the panels so that the first and last panel are approximately the same width.
  • The panels can be installed horizontally or vertically. You can choose your own configuration.
  • Panels are installed from the bottom upwards, tongue first. For best end results use an air stapler with staples of approximately 20–25 mm (1 in) in length.
  • Adjust the compressor pressure so that the top does not sink too far into the panel, but does not stick out either.
  • The staple should hit the tongue, ensure that the top is covered by the next panel. In ceiling installation use two staples/studding strips.
  • Any heavy objects should be hung from screws that are long enough to pass through the panelling into the studding.
  • Finish the installation with Quality Panel decorative moulding.

Download installation instructions (pdf)