Acoustic panel


The acoustic panels have 40 180x20 mm holesmilled into them. The surface area of the openings is 21% of the total area of the panel. In addition, black nonwoven acoustic fabricis used on both sides of the panel, glued between the slats and the base as well as on the back side of the base.

The slats are planed at a 45 degree angle for two reasons: for a finished look and for acoustic properties. The design hides the side edges of the slats and the angle between the slats effectively diffuses sound.

Absorption class

Our acoustic panels are classified as class C, "highly absorbent" according to the ISO 11654 standard. The tests were carried out independently at the Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2020. You can read the test results report here.

Sound absorption classes indicate how much of the sound hitting the surface of a material is absorbed. In class C, 60-75% of the energy carried by sound waves is absorbed and the rest is reflected from the surface.

In comparison, our standard slat panels belong to class D. They absorb 55% of the energy carried by sound waves and the rest is reflected.

Functioning room acoustics consist of a fine balance between absorption and reflection. Total sound absorption, for example, would make it difficult for sound to travel through a room, while no sound absorption at all would result in echos and make a room sound unpleasantly loud.


Panels for different needs

Laatupaneeli is a high quality and durable choice for both public and residential spaces.


Slatted panels not only look beautiful, but also improve the acoustics of a room. The surface of the panels is real oak veneer, which gives the panels a natural and nuanced look. Slatted panels are available in two different styles, with either a black or veneered base. Our panels are genuine Finnish craftsmanship.

Ulkotilojen paneeli


The outdoor panels are designed to be installed primarily on terrace ceilings. The base of the outdoor panels is made of pine composite board. The panels are moisture-resistant and treated with mould protection, but should not be directly exposed to rain or snow.



For the most acoustically demanding spaces, we recommend our acoustic panels. Each panel has 40 holes milled into its core. The panels are also covered on both sides with high-quality German acoustic fabric.

Sisustuspaneeli. Katto ja seinäpaneeli.


The smooth surface of our veneered panels’ real hardwood finish brings a sense of warmth and ambiance to any room. Wooden panels are a perfect balance for interior spaces with colder colours and surfaces.