Outdoor Slatted Panel black, base colour black

Slat width 36 mm. Base colour black.

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When choosing between different colours, it's a good idea to order samples of the colour options. A single sample will be sent by post directly to your home, while packages containing multiple samples will be delivered to your nearest pick-up point.

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The outdoor suited slatted panels have a base and slats made of pine composite board. The slats are finished with real oak veneer. The panels are treated with an anti-mold protective and are moisture-resistant, but should not be directly exposed to rain, snow or sunlight.

Indoor moisture-resistant slatted panels for bathroom ceilings are also available, with a base and slats made of moisture-resistant MDF. They are not suitable for saunas or shower walls.



  • The outdoor slatted panel dimensions are 2950 x 217 x 20 mm (surface area of one panel 0,64 m2)
  • One panel weighs about 6 kg
  • Outdoor slatted panels do not have tongue-and-groove joints, as an 8 mm ventilation gap must be left between the panels
  • The colour options are oak, white oak, mocha (brown stained oak) and black (black stained oak)
  • The base is a 10 mm thick MDF board
  • The slats are 36 mm wide and the spacing between them is 8 mm
  • Mounting screws included in delivery
  • Packaged to order in packs of 1-6 panels
  • Finnish Emissions Class M1
  • All of our panels are FSC certified