Slat and acoustic panels

The surface of our slat and acoustic panels is made of genuine oak veneer, which gives them a natural and nuanced appearance. They represent high-quality Finnish handicrafts, creating a beautiful and modern atmosphere in any type of space.

Our slat and acoustic panels can be installed on walls and ceilings. The edges of our dimensionally accurate slats have a small micro bevel, making them more comfortable to handle. The slats are planed from below to a 45-degree angle, giving them three-dimensional depth. This shape also further enhances their acoustic properties.

We recommend using our acoustic panels in acoustically demanding spaces. They include 40 180x20 mm openings, milled into the core panel, covered on both sides with high-quality German acoustic fabric.

Our slat and acoustic panels are a great choice for both public and private spaces. 

Now slats availabale also 36 mm wide, so three slats per panel.



Packages include 2 panels or 1.3 m2.
The dimensions of one panel are 3000 mm x 217 x 20 mm.
Each panel weighs 7 kg. Each package weighs 14 kg.
Black mounting screws are included in the delivery.

Tongue and groove on the long sides. No tongue and groove at the ends, but a butt joint.

The core of these panels is made of 10 mm thick MDF. Our acoustic panels include 40 180x20 mm openings, milled into the core panel. The area of the openings takes up 21% of the total area of the panel. The combination of a perforated sound-absorbing frame and a smooth, sound-reflecting surface makes these panels suitable for spaces that need music or speech acoustics, for example. Our acoustic panels come with black acoustic nonwoven fabric of the German Royal that is glued between the slats and the core panel, and on the back of the core panel. The absorption class of our acoustic panels is C.

The width of the slats is 36 mm, and the distance between them 8 mm.
The spacing between the slats covers 18.5% of the total panel area.

Colours and materials:

  • Oak
  • White Oak
  • Hazelnut Oak
  • Grey Oak
  • Black Oak

The outer ply of the slats is 0.5 mm oak veneer.

Attach panels with an air stapler by hitting the tongue. Secure fastening between the slats with the black screws included in the package. The recommended stud spacing is 600 mm on walls and 400 mm on the ceiling. If the ceiling has heating, always follow the heating manufacturer's instructions on which roofing materials may be used and at what distance from the heating system.

It is possible to combine our acoustic and interior panels thanks to their identical tongue dimensions.

Installation instructions

  • Rimapaneeli Tammi
  • Rimapaneeli Valkotammi
  • Rimapaneeli Musta Tammi
  • Rimapaneeli Ruskea Tammi
  • Rimapaneeli Harmaa Tammi